What currency are your prices in?
All prices are in Australia Dollars.

Who designs your items?
We have a number of artists represented at the Love Market. First and foremost are the 3-sister team of Grace, Laura & Alice McKellar.

Do the designers & artists take freelance work?
Yes, please email us at laura@lauramckellar.com with details.

When will my order ship?
All orders will ship within 7 business days. If your package is a gift and you would like to make arrangements to have it ship earlier, please send us an email and we will get working on it right away. Arrival times vary by destination please contact us for more details.

Where do you ship?
We ship worldwide. Shipping prices vary with item and location, if you’re curious about the price to ship a certain item, shoot us an email, we’ll get right back to you. Please note, all shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer and will not be paid in part or in full by the Love Market

How can I pay?
We happily accept Paypal.

Where are you located?
We are currently running from Los Angeles, USA but will shortly be in Melbourne, Australia.